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Rich retro flair for your kitty

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Designed by Little Lions to help protect the birds in your garden and your neighbourhood from the natural hunting instincts of your cat. 100% cotton and fully washable.

Why use a Cat Scrunchie?

Birds are genetically predisposed to look for bright colours when looking for food: they will therefore see this brightly coloured Cat Scrunchie (and that it is a cat) moving much earlier and have time to move away rather than be ambushed. The Shiny Holographic Tape’s reflective surface catches the light and effortlessly attracts the attention of birds.

Your cat is out at night and you want a way to help it be seen in the dark? This is Cat Scrunchie for you: the Reflective Tape is highly visible when a light source, such as torch or car headlights, is pointed at the Cat Scrunchie.

Read more about the effectiveness of the Cat Scrunchie in this article

This Cat Scrunchie is designed to be held in place with a standard quick-release collar so that your cat is still safe if it is catch on any branches, etc. in the garden.

All Cat Scrunchies come with a name label attached to add your contact details so your scrunchie can be returned if found.

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